Presenting: RIFRA kitchen project online

Want to create your own RiFRA kitchen but don’t have a store near you? This is for you!

In this day and age, you can practically buy anything online. From torys to boats, if you look for it on the Internet, you’re probably going to find it! This is why we’ve created a whole new section on the RIFRA kitchen project online! This is not your regular online store, as with everything we do, this is an experience in its own right. We wanted to create a space for you to let your imagination run loose, but also get guidance and practical information on what could work best for you. We are happy to present the RIFRA kitchen project online!

Basically, we want our online experience to be an extension of what would happen if you made an appointment at one of our physical stores. So, if there isn’t a RiFRA store near you, and you dream of having your own RiFRA kitchen, this is the perfect solution for you. But…how does it work?

At the moment, when you go into RIFRA kitchen project online you will be able to ask for a project that will meet your standards.


Every kitchen we make starts with a meticulous design, so, if what you want is a RiFRA kitchen, you’ve got to start with a design. Purchase the design and we’ll give you an exclusive online design service where you’ll discover what we can do for you and what’s in store for you. (And if you end up buying the kitchen, you will get your design money back!)

Follow this link to discover the online design:

Step 1- Your own designer

Sitting down to design your new kitchen isn’t always as simple as it might seem. There are so many things to take into consideration and there are so many options out there. That’s why you will have direct access to one of our professional designers, true experts on everything RiFRA, who will study your blueprints or plan and create a project that will meet your standards.


Kitchen One, Lombardy, Italy

Step 2 – Chat with your designer

To really get in-depth knowledge of your situation, your needs and your style; you’ll be able to chat with your designer in whatever way works best for you: email or by phone or dedicated RiFRA’s chat.


Kitchen, Fly, Trentino, Italy

Step 3 – 3D design with preliminary quote

You’ll receive a 3D design by email so you can actually see what your kitchen can look like, as well as a preliminary quote for the entire project (including delivery and assembly).


Kitchen One, Canton Ticino, Switzerland

Step 4 – Samples of your project

You will also receive a physical kit in the mail with the design as well as samples of the materials selected for your kitchen so you can see them with your own eyes.


Kitchen One, Tuscany, Italy

Step 5 – Post-Design: Measurements, delivery and assembly

If you give the project a green light, you will actually be reimbursed for the cost of the design process.
A date and time will be agreed upon to visit your home to take the necessary measurements for the production of your kitchen, which will, of course, be completely tailor-made. After 8 weeks, we will deliver and assemble your brand new RiFRA kitchen.

Owning a RiFRA kitchen has never been so easy! From the design to the assembly, RiFRA carries out an accurate study of the bathroom/kitchen and follows you throughout the entire process. Because you are the protagonist, let us take you on a journey. We know RiFRA’s online store will revolutionize the industry, that’s we wanted to share it with you!

Matteo Rivolta
RiFRA srl

PS remember to visit the link dedicated to online design:

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