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What does the process of buying from RiFRA look like? No need to keep wondering!

RiFRA is renowned worldwide for manufacturing quality products. RiFRA can trace its origins to 1930 when Giovanni Rivolta opened his first carpentry. Today, RiFRA is a company that manufactures high-quality kitchens and baths in their modern factory in Lesmo, Italy.

One of the few companies in the industry that has autonomy over the entire manufacturing process, RiFRA controls every step, from the design, to the construction and even the delivery.

So, what happens when you set foot in a RiFRA store? What is the process of buying from RiFRA like? Let’s go on a journey from the design of your perfect bathroom or kitchen to the installation of the finished product in your home.

First of all, you must choose to visit RiFRA at one of the locations where they display their products:

Milano (

Modena (

Parigi (

New York: opening spring 2018

Moscow: opening spring/summer 2018

RiFRA wants you to feel at home when you visit one of the showrooms, so of course, there is no need for an appointment if you want to visit the store and browse around. However if you want to sit down and talk to one of the experts, it is recommended that you set up an appointment so you can receive the best service possible.

How many appointments are needed?

RiFRA recommends at least 3 appointments:
1. The first one will be the initial point of contact, where the consultant can really get a sense of what your needs and desires are, as well as getting a sense of what your budget looks like.

2. The second appointment will be the presentation of the design and the proposed budget and feedback from you.

3. The third will be where you will be able to see the design after your feedback and where the contract will be defined should you choose to proceed.

Obviously, this is only a rough overview, as each case is different and could need more than this.

A. The First Appointment
The first appointment with one of RiFRA’s consultants will allow you to discuss the expectations that you have for the project. It’s an important first step for RiFRA to really understand your vision, your budget and the exact details of your situation. The best way to get the most out of your appointment is to bring a blueprint of the space you have to work with (or send it via email prior to your visit).

During this first appointment you’ll be able to browse the store and see what you like and don’t like about the various models and finishes that RiFRA has to offer. This first appointment is absolutely free of charge. The design will be RiFRA’s property until you are able to review it and give the go ahead. After this, the design will be turned over to you. If, by any chance, you are not satisfied with the design that is shown or the budget that is proposed, you will not owe RiFRA a cent.

The amount of time it takes for the designer to come up with a concept may vary on the complexity of each case. During this first visit you will go ahead and schedule your second appointment to see the design for yourself.

B. The First Visual
During the second appointment, the consultant will show you the concept design that that has been developed for you. The design will also come with a breakdown of total costs so you can review it and give your feedback.

C. Changes and Solidification
This phase of the project will consist of a back and forth of feedback between you and your consultant and designer. Every change that is made will also come with a detailed summary of the costs, keeping everything as transparent as possible.

D. The Final Confirmation
Once the design is approved, it will be confirmed by signing a contract where all the terms and conditions of the payment, delivery and warranties will be noted. The delivery date will be approximately 8 weeks after the contract is signed; this is the time it takes for
RiFRA to build your dream kitchen or bathroom

E. Delivery
When the 8 weeks are up, the RiFRA team will go to your house and install your new kitchen or bathroom.

RiFRA is committed to giving you the highest quality furniture combined with a great customer experience. Each customer is unique and treated with the utmost care. You will find great professionals that really listen to what you have to say and make your dreams a reality.

Laura Spinelli

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