[VIDEO] Design Talk with the architect Alexandra Fedorova, “The ultramodern”

Design Talk is the first Talk Show and Podcast, dedicated to architects and the world of design.

We talk about design, marketing, product market and materials.

The guest of this episode is the architect Alexandra Fedorova, who directs his architecture firm based in Moscow.

They work on residential and public architecture and operates in the field of interior design for both structures.

The philosophy of the study can be defined as “ultramodern”; they chose to look to the future by choosing the modern style.

In Russia the classic taste still tends to dominate, even if in recent years has grown considerably the belief that even the modern is able to convey that sense of comfort that seemed to belong only to the classic.

Therefore, they feel very close to RiFRA

We will see together some of their most significant projects, some carried out in collaboration with RiFRA.

Village of Pestovo

Country House in the Village Nazarevo

Villa Sochi

Villa Country Side of Taganrog

Rustic Villa in the Village of Montevil

The concept of a village in Africa

Kitchen project in collaboration with RiFRA

Museum research and production centre. m. v. khrunichev

Click here to watch the new episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnG5YQeFOmM

Or click on the video below (We recommend activating subtitles, because the video is in Italian and then we speak Russian, which is the mother tongue of the guests).

Thanks to the Architect Alexandra Fedorova for her participation in RiFRA’s DesignTalk; if you liked the episode, leave a comment on our blog, social network or email.

See you to the next episode!

Laura Spinelli

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