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The process of buying new kitchen is an important economic investment and a dream that comes true.

The most important part, of the whole experience of buying a top-range and design kitchen, is the project. The project is the foundation of your new kitchen, it’s the first element that turns your dreams into reality.

During the design phase we understand your needs and we study the best possible proposal based on the information we’ve received, such as the kitchen plan, your first ideas, some photos, photos of kitchens and RiFRA materials that you like the most, until you create a customized project in all the details.

This service does not replace the work of your current architect or interior designer, who is designing the interiors of your home. We are specialists in the kitchen (and bathroom) so we offer to develop the specific projects for those areas of your house.

You can do the design of your kitchen in our stores open to the public in Milan and Modena (Fiorano Modenese). In 2018 two new locations will be added: New York and Moscow.

From now on, RiFRA’s design service is also available online.

We have set up a system that allows you to talk with a dedicated designer, by email, chat or telephone to create your kitchen.

At the end of this path together, you will be sent the 3D project including finishes, measurements, dimensions of the elements, together with a detailed budget.

In addition, the project will also be sent to your home by mail, in an elegant container box, together with the sampling of the materials of your kitchen, chosen together with our designer.

Of course, if you want to see the kitchens, you are welcome to one of our stores open to the public.

On request we will also quote the installation for you (we deliver and install worldwide), and if necessary, we will get out for taking measurements before proceeding with production.

I think you are now wondering “What is the price of this service?”

I confess that it was not easy to decide, because the real added value is the scientific knowledge of our product, and of the style “direct from Milano” that we will include in your project, reflecting our brand image that all our designers have absorbed, having grown up at the “RiFRA school”.

In fact, the design service is not contracted out to external freelance contractors, but RiFRA employees and specialists are dedicated to this platform, to guarantee you the highest professionalism.

Wherever you are in the world, you will have a project created by Italian designers from RiFRA in Milan.

Probably the correct market price is very high and difficult to quantify for a service of this kind. But I wanted to put this method of work as a “gift”, because I care that every kitchen that bears the prestigious name of RiFRA is designed in a workmanlike way and then produced and installed to meet the highest needs of our customers.

It is therefore proposed at 500 €, included shipment of the box with the project and sampling materials.

Beware, however: if you decide to buy the planned and quoted kitchen, the 500 € will be returned to you, as a thank you for the trust you have given us.

To find out more, visit our website at this link: you will find all the necessary information.

Here are what some of our customers say, who have a recently purchased a RiFRA kitchen:

“It was an exceptional experience to work with RiFRA, I have to say that I was already familiar with the brand because I’ve heard saying about them and saw some of their projects carried out, but until a few months ago I had never been in contact with the company.

When I arrived at RiFRA I already had a precise idea of what I wanted, but I couldn’t realize it on the environment of my kitchen, which as you can see is a bit special especial for the wall sets.

Once in RiFRA I met an extremely professional team and an architect who had the great advantage of understanding my idea but above all of making it real in an accurate project.

I didn’t have any kind of problem, the times were perfectly respected, a team of four people arrived at my home and worked uninterruptedly.

An experience that I would repeat and I would also recommend to my friends.”

Nicoletta Ratti, Monza.

“I wanted something not only functional but also to give the value to the kitchen area, the model and finish were chosen as most suitable for an open-space composed of living room, dining room and kitchen.

Working with RiFRA was a great satisfaction because they followed us at a tight pace, satisfying our need to spend the New Year’s Eve in our mountain hut”.

Giancarla Benedetti, Modena.

“RiFRA allowed me to realize all the design desires, the part that gives onto the living area should have been warmer and the bookcase was perfectly combined with the fireplace, making it the buffer zone between the dining area and the kitchen.

The island has allowed me to divide the spaces but at the same time to communicate them perfectly.

In RiFRA I found the possibility to realize my idea of design and finishing”.

Arch. Marta Pasta, Varese.

If you would like more information, please reply to this email or in the comment box.

Matteo Rivolta
RiFRA srl

PS remember to visit the link dedicated to online design:

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