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RiFRA’s single-brand showrooms are exhibition spaces that interpret and propose the style of the RiFRA brand, through a refined and exclusive presentation of its products: high-end kitchens and bathrooms.

Each showroom is designed by RiFRALAB’s in-house style centre and is inspired by the style of the Milan showroom, the founder of RiFRA’s new exhibition spaces.

While the Milan showroom is managed and operated by the company, the RiFRA Store in Pavia is created and managed by an existing customer of the company, Silvio Fornaro, a well-known entrepreneur from Pavia, owner of the Domustime company that deals with turnkey construction and renovation.

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The New RiFRA Store in Pavia is located in the beautiful location of Villa Campeggi.

The villa dates back to the twelfth century and is surrounded by a park of secular trees of 4000 square meters;

Over the centuries Villa Campeggi, has undergone changes and renovations, passing from fifteenth-century vaulted ceilings, to frescoed ceilings in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and floors of the early twentieth century.

The master’s villa, the farmhouses and the nineteenth-century greenhouses are protected by cultural and environmental heritage.

The latest renovation was completed a few weeks ago and Villa Campeggi is now ready to host the RiFRA 2021 collection.

The showroom is a real “RiFRA House” offering the brand’s main collections.

In this environment of extreme elegance and class, RiFRA will also display the new 2021 finishes.

Watch the video of the showroom project:

There are two kitchens on display, the ONE kitchen in black concrete with island configuration, a true icon of the RiFRA brand, followed by the KUBE kitchen, again with island and backsplash in the new light raw lime finish.

The main bathroom on display proposes the K.KUBE collection, with its pure shapes, in the Bronze finish, framed by a Boiserie in the new raw lime and bronze finish; the bathroom setting is complete with a bathtub in the middle of the room, SMOOTH model, shower tray, ONE mirror, accessories, lamps and taps.

The showroom is completed by custom-made bookcases and wardrobes; the RiFRA night area is used as a “dressing room”, where a RiFRA interpretation of a modern walk-in wardrobe is proposed.

The RiFRA single-brand showroom is scheduled to open by spring 2021 (the date of the inauguration will be announced by invitation).

In the meantime, the staff of the RiFRA Store in Pavia is already at the disposal of people and designers who would like to get to know our product and start the design and quotation phase.


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