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The Best Countertops for the Kitchen

When we talk about modular kitchens, an important element that can determine the success or not of the project, is the worktop material, or top, if you prefer.

In the market there are infinitive possibilities of choice, and it is not always easy to make the correct choice.

In this short article I want to provide you a short «map», which can be useful for your next projects.

  • LAMINATE; It is the cheapest finishing in the market, and it is available for almost all brands of kitchens, as «entry level» (also used on the doors and on the sides finish).We do not recommend it and we have it not in our catalog, firstly for an aesthetic coherence with the range of kitchens RIFRA, and then because it has certain weaknesses, such as a low heat resistance, and possible infiltration if the kitchen worktop if has been installed in a wrong way.
  • QUARTZ: Natural Quartz is the most effective material for the worktop of your kitchen. In RiFRA we chose Silestone, which is composed in 94% of natural quartz, a material that offers exceptional hardness and resistance. It is the first and only quartz worktop with antibacterial protection that guarantees unique hygienic qualities in the market. In addition, he requires to the kitchen working tops minimal joints.Silestone: brings together the best of natural stone and innovative design, it is the world leader in quartz surfaces for the home setting.

    Silestone is often used by us for the FLY model kitchen.

Our selection of colors for your project:

Piani di Lavoro 02

    Made with sophisticated raw materials used in the production of glass, ceramics and quartz surfaces, Dekton becomes a material with unique characteristics in the market and with infinite possibilities of use.The color chart selected by us, perfectly matches the RiFRA kitchen models, in particular with the kitchen ONE.

Piani di Lavoro 04

    Natural stone is synonymous of luxury and elegance.Our selections allow you to position your project to the exclusivity of top and blend perfectly with our lacquered and wood finishing.

Piani di Lavoro 05

In particular, we propose our model ZERO in stained Wengè Oak, with the worktop and back splash in White Carrara Marble.

    In the kitchen it has always been present the stainless steel, undisputed synonymous of quality, elegance, functionality and hygiene. Noble material, capable of interpreting the shapes of those who love a kitchen that allows to live and gives a great design choice.The stainless steel lends itself to more complex machining more than any other material, for example the worktop, the sink and stove can be made in a single piece.

    This is the great peculiarities of a steel solution.
    A stainless steel worktop is always an object of fashion design.

Piani di Lavoro 07

We propose two solutions RIFRA with the steel worktop:

    With Corian you can get the maximum planning freedom in kitchen design, together with a high functionality and beauty of finish that last over time.Corian is easy to clean, and the washbasins and the backsplash can be integrated at the worktop of the kitchen, to have a unique look without joints.

    RIFRA suggests the DuPont Corian in Glacier White finish.

Piani di Lavoro 10

Piani di Lavoro 11

Editors RiFRA Milano

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