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How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?

How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost? In this article, we outline a “buying guide” to answer this question.

The price of a RiFRA kitchen can vary based on five factors:

  1. The size of the RiFRA kitchen
  2. The design of the RiFRA kitchen
  3. The finishes of the RiFRA kitchen
  4. The technology of the RiFRA kitchen
  5. The choice of appliances

Let’s see them together one by one:

1. The size of the kitchen

The first discriminating factor that contributes to determining the price of the kitchen is the size of the kitchen itself.

Kitchen ONE double island model in Cemento black hand-spatulated finish. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Double island kitchen model ONE in Black Concrete.

As logic would have it, a double-island kitchen with a series of wall-mounted columns, is on average always more expensive than a small kitchen, perhaps linear.

Linear kitchen to parate model LINE in pure white matt lacquered finish. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Linear Wall Kitchen model LINE in pure white matt lacquered finish.

This is because a large kitchen involves more material and more furniture to produce, so on average the price of a large kitchen will always be higher than the price of a small kitchen.

However, there are exceptions, as the next three factors also have an important influence on kitchen pricing.

2. The RiFRA kitchen design

How can design affect the cost of a RiFRA kitchen?

Design is an element that goes to influence the cost of the kitchen, because certain processes (such as the shaping of doors, shells or tops), affect the design and processing time of the product and therefore the cost of the final product.

The ONE kitchen by RiFRA, for example, features 45° machining on the entire perimeter of the kitchen itself (Top, Sides, and Base). The 45° lavoration is then proposed on the doors of the kitchen itself to ensure stylistic continuity.

Kitchen island model ONE in Cemento black hand-spatulated finish. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Kitchen island model ONE in black Concrete Finish

The plinth of the ONE kitchen is shaped at 45°.

The LINE kitchen of RiFRA, on the other hand, features 90° lavoration, that does not require any extra machining and therefore the production of this type of kitchen (which is always created with the same high quality standards as the ONE kitchen and any other RiFRA product), has a lower production cost than the ONE kitchen.

Corner kitchen model LINE with retractable doors. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Corner kitchen model LINE with disappearing doors.

The FLY and KUBE kitchens also feature special processing; if you are interested in learning more about the differences between RiFRA’s Cucina collections click on this video:

3. RiFRA kitchen finishes

The choice of RiFRA kitchen finishes has a significant impact on the cost of the kitchen.

Generally, any manufacturer or assembler of kitchens uses as a starting material for doors and sides of the kitchen laminate (basically a plastic material), which we do not use on RiFRA kitchens, as it would impoverish the aesthetic and qualitative performance of the kitchen itself.

Our starting material is matt lacquer, which is not only trendy but also very resistant and easy to clean.

If you want to discover the difference between laminate and lacquer click here and read this article:

Next, RiFRA offers many different materials; from the lacquered family we propose: glossy lacquered, smooth metallic lacquered and Texture metallic lacquered.

For the woods we offer two categories of products, the Oak wood declined in different shades with special dyes, after a careful brushing: we then have the brushed Oak dyed in: white, gray, wenge, natural, teak and black.

The category of Special Woods is dedicated to precious and natural woods, such as: Flamed Walnut, Gray, Honey or Natural Antiqued Oak, Discolored Flamed Oak, Gray or Honey, Wenge and Eucalyptus.

Ceramic Stone, on the other hand, is reserved for the Kube kitchen.

The RiFRA selection is completed by the “special finishes“, which are obtained through the use of natural materials such as Clay, Cement, Metal (smooth, crackle or meshed).

These materials, available in different colors (e.g. for the cement there is a black, slate gray or gray cement version), are spatulated by hand, panel by panel, over its entire surface. In this way, the RiFRA kitchen is completely hand-finished in every single visible element.

Each material falls within a specific cost range that contributes significantly to determining the price of the RiFRA kitchen, given the same dimensions and design.

The same goes for the materials used for the kitchen tops; from quartzite to ceramic to natural stone.

4. RiFRA Kitchen Technology

What it means. The basic concept is that with the same aesthetics, the same RiFRA kitchen can vary greatly in price range, depending on the technology inside.

For example, if a client chooses to have a wall in his kitchen to be dedicated to storage columns, a variable that affects the cost of the kitchen, with the same size, design and finish is the internal technology.

Columns with pull-out drawers rifra. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Columns with pull-out drawers.

The same column can be equipped with shelves, or with pull-out drawers, or with special mechanisms called Convoy or Tandem.

Columns with Convoy system, How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Columns with Convoy System
Columns with Tandem system. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?
Columns with Tandem System

Each internal mechanism has its own specific price that contributes to the total cost of the RiFRA kitchen.

5. The choice of appliances

The last factor is the choice of appliances to match the RiFRA kitchen.

There are countless brands and products on the market, and our designers have selected certain brands that are displayed in our showrooms, which perfectly match the lines of RiFRA kitchens and will be happy to discuss them with you and assist you in making the best choice according to your needs.

If, on the other hand, you already have a clear idea of what you prefer as an appliance, we can create custom cabinetry to accommodate your preferences.


The importance of the project. sketch up 3d RiFRA. How much does a RiFRA kitchen cost?

As we have seen we have several factors that contribute to the price of a RiFRA kitchen.

The most important thing for us, when we are faced with a client, is to start with a project.

Only after discussing with the customer his dreams, his goals and what he expects from his new kitchen, can we move on to the design phase and then the estimate.

Today it is even easier to contact a RiFRA designer for your kitchen project.

Our working method called ” Project OnLine ” consists of four phases that leads you to have in hand, without obligation, a RiFRA project with its quotation of the kitchen. The four phases are:


By clicking on this link and filling out the form in all its parts you will be contacted for an initial call with one of our designers.


We will contact you by email or phone and ask for the floor plan of your home to start thinking about a type of kitchen that fits your situation.

You will then be contacted for the appointment of the first video call.


In the first video call we will introduce you to the RiFRA brand.

We will evaluate together which are the best collections and finishes for your needs and we will identify the type of design that best suits your spaces.

The call ends with the appointment of the second video call.


In the second video call, we will present your custom 3D project with a quote.

We will discuss the project and the kitchen solution that we have designed for you, without any commitment on your part.

Thank you for your attention!

See you soon,

The RiFRA team