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All the advantages of a kitchen with an island

If you are planning a new kitchen, you should know that there are many valid reasons for choosing one with the island.
In this article we propose the main ones.

If for you the kitchen is the heart of the house, where you live the conviviality, you welcome guests, it is the place where all your days lost between dynamism and emotion, the choice to design a kitchen with island within your home is definitely the right choice.

Island kitchen was born in the United States (for this reason it is also called American kitchen with island), where it has always been the focus of domestic activities: breakfasts, parties with friends, Sunday brunch with family, aperitifs times.

The island kitchen is a choice that will give your home great personality and charm, enhancing the rest of the house, starting from the living room.


The ideal configuration to best accommodate the kitchen island usually requires the presence of at least two walls: the first one is dedicated to the columns for storing and preserving food, as well as the oven space; the second wall is dedicated to the bases, containers, sink, dishwasher and the relative wall units. The kitchen island, which must necessarily be open on 4 sides, is made with a part reserved for storage and will be dedicated to the preparation of food with the cooker hob and its hood.

To be able to create a modern kitchen with island is absolutely essential to have a large space available. In particular, in addition to the architectural project concerning the furnishing of the kitchen with island, it is necessary to have a detailed project of both the electrical system and the plumbing.


Let’s see with you some examples that can help you choose how to furnish kitchen with island.

In the example of the picture above, the island is extremely large and dedicated to storage.

The two corner walls welcome and frame the island, as if to give it even more emphasis.

The absence of the visible hood enlarges the space even more.

This example also shows that the island does not necessarily have to be made in the same colour or material as the wall columns.

A different material or finish, on the contrary, gives even more importance to the island in the kitchen.

In this third example, instead, is the color black, (material: lava stone), the real protagonist of the modern kitchen with island. It is also very interesting to combine the table with the kitchen island, as if to give continuity to the space and at the same time clearly break the two elements thanks to the gap in the color.


The kitchen island, located in the middle of the room, has the task of emphasizing the design chosen. For this reason, when choosing a modern kitchen with an elegant shape, the island is very important.

The storage space is enormously increased, as is the space dedicated to the worktop.

Depending on the size and composition of the island chosen, you can also opt for a solution that is dedicated to cooking, but also to be completed with a snack bar on which to eat, as in this kitchen RiFRA installed at the home of one of our customers.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to set up the kitchen with island, and each one characterizes the kitchen room with personality and originality.

But the island is always the real protagonist in the space.

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