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Apartment close to Colosseo, Roma

By virtue of his past, of the artistic heritage and the importance for the western civilization, Rome, the eternal city, has always exercised a undeniable charm.

Eternal and majestic, with a load of two thousand years of history, you do not destroy anything, except and only to build buildings even more impressive and contemporary apartments.

There is a segment of the capitolinus market property intended for virtue types that includes very large measurement, positioned at the top, with terrace, possibly panoramic and inserted in particular prestigious context.

This is the case of this property in the colosseo street.

The work of design and renovation have been carried out by the same Fontanesi studio who has treated every detail, giving life to an exclusive and contemporary residence but at the same time they interfaces with an historical and very important pre-existence.

RiFRA appartamento Colosseo

In this way the Fontanesi architect welcomed us into a unique home, close to Colosseum.

Original, eclectic and very personalized he tells us how Rifra met his design ideas in the interview that has kindly given us.

How do you know RiFRA?

I met RiFRA through suggestion of one of my consultant that deals with purchases and I heard about it as of a company that offers maximum possibility of customization.

In view of the the difficulty of this kitchen, thick of household appliances and technology, I asked for a meeting with the owners and I immediately found the products that are compatible with what I had intended to do.

Rifra appartamento Colosseo

In view of the special features of the property and the historical context in which it finds itself, how did you carry the choice of the model and the finish of the kitchen? Also saw the rich details and style that wrap it ?

One of the first ideas was to choose a very bright colour, a pompeian red, but being the house already pretty contaminated with metaphysical elements, bows and tender marble flooring invisible white and stiff marble new Belgium Black, we had to limit the explosion of color.

Having opted for these walls that bind in the intermediate manner between black and white of the pavement, we chose the gloss white varnishing and I think it was a perfect solution because a more strong colour would have polarized and attracted too much attention on that kitchen, in this way however it results embedded and part of the environment.

How did you choose the top?

Between the various options that we have evaluated there was the statuary marble that afterlife of absolutely important costs, it had the problem of going to die with the kitchen, instead we were looking for anything stands out and plays of contrast between the black and white pavement of the living room, but also as a top.

We choose a grey quartz to ensure a certain continuity of style with kitchen and living room.

RiFRA appartamento Colosseo

What problems related to the design have you met? How does it think the assembly and the result of this collaboration between study and company?

Being a building of the nineteenth century but coming from a series of transformations and since this is an ancient property in its origins, the difficulty encountered was due to a heavy out-of-square anfles for which we have had to adapt the kitchen all the time and decide where and how to absorb these issues.

The assembly was carried out in accordance with best practice.

The care with which the professionals of the company have followed and solved all the design problems, was vital to the successful result of a project sought and ambitious.

RiFRA appartamento Colosseo

Arch. Fontanesi, Roma

Laura Murru

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