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Apartment in Adriana Square, Vatican City – Roma

Realization of a kitchen and a bathroom “ONE” for an apartment in Adriana Square, Rome.

The ancient Adriana Square is located on the right bank of the tiber river, in the village called “Borgo of Rome”, here there are many historical buildings.

In and around this large public roman space there is Sant’ Angelo castle, and to its right you can admire the majestic structure of the palace of justice of Rome, known to the Romans as the palazzaccio.

The importance of this square is due to the closeness of the Vatican City, which begins, along via Della Conciliazione, towards the colonnade of st. Peter’s square and the basilica of st. Peter’s.

Modern taste and Italian design, Alberto and Lorenza welcomed us to have a talk in their roman apartment , designed on the black and white tones and in which pieces of design and art works rotate harmoniously.

appartamento piazza adriana alfieri 01

D. How do you know RiFRA?

R. We were looking for a solution for the bathroom that my wife knew as an environment that is able to convey a sense of calm and sophisticated order.

We didn’t know RiFRA , but from a click we entered in its world, probably we were just on the official website in the section of the international project, being huge fans of international design.

At the beginning for the kitchen we were planning to replicate the solution adopted in our house in the past, but during this exciting research for the bathroom at the end we chose on RiFRA also for the kitchen.

We talked about it with our architect (Capolei architects) who already knew you and they immediately embraced our thoughts. Discharged the idea about a linear and elegant style we went in the store of Modena to see the product first hand and we became friends.

D. How did you choose the finishes and the model?

R. As you can see, for the kitchen we chose the finishing in black cement and matt white lacquer.

The solution of the design of the house is entirely played on the white and black tones, we used to have a combination in contrast, a dark monolith at the center of the room that completely stands out from the rest of the components and opening up the environment to conviviality without any hoods encumbrance.

appartamento piazza adriana alfieri 02 03

In the bathroom, RiFRA was what my wife was exactly looking for. The walls by the concrete effect welcome the ONE furniture matt white lacquered, in line with the design to 45 degrees of the island and of the columns in the kitchen, a big mirror led backlit and the Smooth bathtub. To completion of a relaxing and zen setting we chose a finnish sauna.



D. How was the provided service ( assembly and post sale)?

R. Regarding the assembly we have had to deal with people who are very experienced and professional.

We were given a week of time to mount the two bathrooms and the kitchen, instead the everything is settled in two days. We feel very satisfied, we also appreciated the effort in the transport of a block of very heavy and big sizes.

In the post-sale the commercial department was very efficient (missing the washbasin waste in the bathroom, they came here from Milan in two days).

From the planning to the realization we have had many doubts about the dimensions, but it all went very well because your team followed us and side by side at every stage.

The living room had to be the most important part of the house, instead we are always in the kitchen and also our friends never go out from here.

Alberto e Lorenza

Laura Murru

PS: If you want to know our collections come to visit on appointment the new RiFRA showroom in Corso Matteotti , 1.

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