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We are located in one of the most elegant and elegant areas of Milan city centre, between the Cloisters of the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio and the Duomo of Milan.

The refined combination of materials and attention to detail make this loft, on the top floor of a prestigious 16th century building, a unique space, elegant and with character.

RiFRA has furnished the kitchen and the bathroom giving it uniqueness and exclusivity.


The kitchen chosen is the FLY model in the hand spatula black cement finish.

The choice of the model has been thought for the peculiarity of its 30° top, exalted to the point of exasperation.

The kitchen environment is the result of a sartorial design in which the structural characteristics of a late 16th century building have been respected, converting them into a design open space environment suitable for a young and dynamic client.


The master bathroom is from the KONE collection, in black spatulate cement finish creating a material continuity with the kitchen.

The protagonist of the bathroom is the SMOOTH model bathtub in the centre of the room.


“Architects Matteo Crippa and Tomas Levati, owners of the DOMINET ARCHITETTI studio who followed the project, gave an interview to RiFRA TV, below are the salient passages:

We got to know RiFRA through the client who brought us to your showroom and we were amazed at your products and we relied on you for the kitchen and the bathroom and we were very satisfied.

We chose the FLY model of the kitchen because of the particularity of the throat; the finishes were a consequence of the materials chosen throughout the house during the renovation; black and white are the predominant colours and your cement finish was perfect.

The same effect of continuity was achieved thanks to RiFRA between the parquet and the kitchen snack, together we found the same finish.

RiFRA allowed us to perfectly realize our idea of creating an open space living area suitable for our young client.

Rifra gave us an incredible possibility of customization, succeeding in inserting in such a small space a kitchen of design but at the same time functional.

During our visits to the showroom we also fell in love with the RiFRA bathroom collection.

The choice was dictated by a precise selection of materials, which unites the kitchen and the bathroom.

The bathtub was love at first sight; the design that distinguishes it allowed us to create a central point in the bathroom environment.

Our experience was very positive, above all we were impressed by RiFRA’s craftsmanship.

Also during the installation our experience was very good, being a building of the 16th century, the walls are not in a team and RiFRA was impeccable in solving the unexpected.”

You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel:


We would like to thank the Architects Matteo Crippa and Tomas Levati of the architectural firm “Dominet Architetti”.

It was a pleasure for us to work and collaborate on the success of their project.


Our experience is also available online, through the free kitchen and bathroom design service. So you can ask for your personalized advice; our designers will listen to your needs and then we will develop a unique and exclusive project for you.


See you soon, The Rifra team

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