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Design villa in Beverly Hills, California.

Located on Crescent Dr, Beverly Hills 90210, California, this 15,096 square foot (1,400 square meters) villa, originally built in 1992 and recently renovated, features 10 bathrooms (furnished by RiFRA), and is equipped with all the modern conveniences of a home of this level such as an outdoor pool, private park, private cinema for 20 people, gym and an indoor pool.

Some of the RiFRA bathrooms in the residence:

Master 1

This bathroom consists of a K.FLY composition with its characteristic 45° and 30° cuts, in hand-spatulated gray cement finish, and natural marble top and integrated washbasin.

The mirror is from the 2HD retro LED-lit collection, while the bathtub in the middle of the room is Smooth 1 in Solid Surface covered in black cement.

Completing the bathroom is the CLEAN collection of steel accessories, including the iconic ceiling-mounted towel rack.

Master 2

The FLY collection also stars in this Master Bath, in a hand-splashed black cement finish, with marble top and integrated sink.

The mirror is from the 2HD retro LED-lit collection, and this bath is also complemented by the CLEAN accessory collection, including the ever-present steel ceiling towel rack.

Guest Bath

The many guest bathrooms are furnished with the K.ONE collection, and its design characterized by the doors, the workings on the top, on the sides and on the lower part of the cabinet at 45°, always finished in black cement and with 2HD mirrors backlit by LED.

It was a pleasure for us at RiFRA to collaborate on such an important achievement. 

If you are in the process of renovating or purchasing a new home, and would like to discuss your project with one of our experts, please contact us by filling out the form found by clicking on this link, to request a free design of your bathroom:

Best regards from the RiFRA team!

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