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We are in Monferrato, where art, architecture, traditions and craftsmanship coexist in an extraordinary landscape, all waiting to be discovered.

The “sea of hills” covered with woods and vineyards, the plains made suggestive by the flooded rice fields, are united by the relaxed flow of the waters of the river Po.

The villa is fully furnished (kitchen, bathrooms, furniture for the living area, bookshelves, wardrobes) in the RiFRA style, let’s see in detail the realization.


The kitchen chosen is the LINE collection, which is a kitchen with a clean and timeless design. The shades chosen make the environment elegant and sophisticated.

A large kitchen equipped with style, storage and professional appliances to best satisfy the owners’ strong passion for sophisticated cooking.

The kitchen is presented with an oak column area, dedicated to storage.

A central island with a large worktop and a snack table for quick lunches.

The base and wall units are arranged along the large wall.


The living area is adjacent to the kitchen and RiFRA contributed by making the storage units and bookcases.

The design of the kitchen has been maintained to create continuity of style between the two areas.

Although many pieces of furniture from before the renovation have been retained, RiFRA has managed to create an elegant harmony, with clean and elegant lines, without contrasting with the rest of the room, but enhancing every aspect of it.

RiFRA also created the TV cabinet in the master bedroom, proposing the version with mirrored doors.


RiFRA has contributed by enhancing some elements recovered from the renovation, through the creation of custom-made components, keeping intact materials already present and belonging to the emotional experience of our customers.

The master bathroom, on the other hand, has been furnished with the KLINE model, to maintain continuity of lines and style with the kitchen and living area.


RiFRA also furnished the clients’ sleeping areas, as in the case of the master bedroom, supplying bedside tables from the KONE collection.

We also created a set of shelves that frames the wall.


Here are some passages from our customer interview.

“The first approach was online, then we went to the showroom in Milan.

Everything started by looking for a solution for our bathroom.

From the bathroom, it was easy to move on to choosing the kitchen and other customisations.

We were well looked after on many customisations, this is a very old house and RiFRA was helpful, precise and able to handle these unexpected things.

This excellent initial impression was a decisive aspect that gave us the confidence to expand the project and build the entire house with RiFRA.

We got on very well, RiFRA’s advice was excellent, we are used to doing a lot of cooking, we throw ourselves into complex preparations so we had very clear ideas and complex requirements, it lived up to expectations. Special requests were all met with great care.

For the hall, we already had a lot of furniture that we decided to keep from the renovation, so we needed some elements that would fit well with the rest of the context, that would be enhanced, elegant and sober that would not clash with the rest, RiFRA created a perfect harmonization, with clean and elegant lines and above all functional.

I wanted to keep the line of my old bathroom for sentimental reasons, so I wanted to keep the marble top and RiFRA made custom-made elements that allowed me to maintain and enhance the existing line.

Having done the whole house with just one company, in this case RiFRA, we achieved perfect harmony of the interior in terms of lines, colours and finishes, which was our goal.

Absolutely positive despite the particularity of the year 2020

We found in RiFRA the design and the quality of the big Italian companies but also the human and professional side and the closeness that many companies don’t have… this combination was therefore extremely winning for us”.

We would like to thank our clients for the trust they have placed in RiFRA, it has been a pleasure for us to work and collaborate in the success of their project.


Our experience is also available online, through the free kitchen and bathroom design service. Our designers will listen to your needs and then we will develop a unique and exclusive project for you.

See you soon
The RiFRA Team

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