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The presentation of Rifra’s 2015 news to the market has finally come to the end.
The first step was Batibouw, in Brussels, where Rifra has introduced its 2015 collections in a 190m2 stand of strong visual effect, given by black glossy floor and walls, brushed with black cement.
The 2015 collection reflects Rifra’s identity, a brand capable of creating with success and continuity made in Italy products, “
direct from Milano”.
Identity means ability of producing durable products, with a timeless design, while innovation is represented by the use of new
materials such as cement, clay and raw oak covered by clay.
Here are the products
of the exposition:

One, Corian kitchen


This kitchen is completely made of Corian. Dedicated to people who want to be different, to distinguish from the mass and come out of mediocrity.
The whole kitchen is made of Corian Glacier While, the design is aligned with, popular RiFRA’s bathroom furniture.
A raw-oak-table covered by clay and clay poufs complete the composition.
RiFRA’s identity

CIRCLE bathtub


Through Circle, Rifra gives a new interpretation of the freestanding bathtub.
It has a 190-cm-diameter and it is circular.
What we suggest with this tub, is the concept of personal spa: its morphology and dimension are suitable for accommodating two people, in order to let them have some relax together.
Circle is made of Corian and can be covered with cement, in order to match with the furniture.
Circle, your personal spa.


batibouw2015_03 is a monobloc piece of furniture characterized by its innovative dichromatic effect, which originates from the contrast of the finish, and its 45-degrees-cuts, which attenuate the internal corners.
This creates a particular visual experience.
Here in this photo is
the exclusive RiFRA’s mcement version.
K.ONE, identità RiFRA.


batibouw2015_04’s particularity is the lightness of design.
The collection is characterized by an extreme attention to detail.
Front and sides have 45-degree-cuts while top is 30 degrees. This creates a sophisticated top support.
The composition looks like it fluctuates in air and it is light and minimal., light design.

STEEL, faucets collection


The most important news introduced by RiFRA, is its own faucets collection.
This includes six sub-collections, different for design but bound by the same material: steel.
RiFRA will use only steel for its faucets, because it matches very well with the company’s modern style and architecture.

Steel becomes synonym with design, durability and hygiene.
Steel, metal design.



Gap is a Corian basin and integrated-plans-collection, characterized by minimal design.
There is no waste pipe and water flows through a split along the backside of the basin.
All models have an integrated removable drain, hidden inside the product.
In particular, Gap to Wall distinguishes for the absence of furniture, fluidity of design and continuity with wall.
Design is essential, simple and integrated.
Gap to Wall, integrated design.

Have a look at Batibouw 2015 photos on the dedicated area on Rifra’s website:

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