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How to choose the perfect bathroom sink

There’s a lot more that goes into picking the right sink for your bathroom, or bathrooms, than one might think. There are a lot of different styles and knowing which one would work best for your family isn’t always so obvious. We want to help you make your decision, and for that you need to know what’s available!
In this article you’ll find out exactly what styles we have at RiFRA and what each one has to offer.

RiFRA has a wide selection of elegant and modern sink styles to choose from. Let’s take a look at what they are and what pros and cons each style has.

Half-recessed (self-rimming)

What is traditionally called a self-rimming sink we like to call half-recessed. A self-rimming sink is one that is mounted into a hole in the vanity; it has a rim all the way around it that sits on the countertop itself, supporting its weight. It’s not raised up very much from the countertop, maybe a few inches due to the rim, but it looks like the sink is melting into the countertop.

The advantages of this sink are it’s easy installation, as it can be switched in and out without having to damage or change the countertop. It also gives a lot of room for all the products and utensils we tend to gather in the bathroom. This style is the most traditional.

RiFRA’s take on the self-rimming sink is anything but traditional, however. As you can see from the image, we have opted for a square sink with a linear drain that elegantly slopes down, almost mesmerizing.


This type of sink is very dramatic and can become the focal point of the bathroom. The shape of this sink can range from the traditional bowl to a rectangle or an oval. The faucets have to either be wall-mounted or large enough to make sure the handles are accessible and comfortable for the user.

We, personally, love this style. We think it’s luxurious, elegant and drips indulgence.
It’s perfect to add a showy touch to a powder room or to make your master bathroom the perfect, extravagant getaway.

If you like this style, but are not ready to commit, we have rectangular ones that look very similar to the self-rimming sink shown above, but with a higher rim, giving you a drop-in sink look, with the vessel height. It’s the perfect middle ground.


If you want something unique, the freestanding sink is the style for you. Traditionally considered “impractical” because of its lack of storage, we believe it to be misunderstood and a great opportunity to create a powerful bathroom look. A freestanding sink is one that has its own structure from top to bottom, not attached to any vanity or countertop. This isolation gives it a sculptural feel that we think is fantastic.

Perfect for powder rooms where storage is seldom needed or big master baths where storage can go other places, freestanding sinks can make any bathroom look grandiose.


Last, but certainly not least, is the sink style that is mounted on the wall. A cousin of the freestanding style, the wall-mounted sink is a little more minimalistic. As the name implies, this style of sink is one that is directly mounted on the wall with no need of a pedestal. This sink is great for a modern look, making the sink look like it’s floating in midair.

It’s a smart choice for smaller bathrooms, where storage underneath it might come in handy. It can also be mounted at any height, making it great for the kids’ bathroom.


To choose the perfect sink style for your bathroom, think about who is going to use the space and how it’s going to be used. For a powder room or guest room bathroom go for a more powerful look by using a vessel or freestanding sink. Both of them have a theatrical, artistic touch to it. In both cases, storage is a minimal concern which gives you room to play around with the design.

For your master bathroom, think about the layout of the room and what sink would work best for your lifestyle and personal preferences. Do you like having your bathroom products away or in plain sight? Do you like having storage under the sink? Remember that freestanding sinks has very little landing room, the space available around the sink, which will make you have to become creative about where you put your things. A vessel style, on the other hand, can give you the same drama, with the possibility of having a big, wide vanity, with ample landing room, at the same time.

In any case, take your time to think what would work best for you.
At RiFRA we are more than happy to assist you in picking the perfect sink.

Swing by our website to take a look at all our styles!

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