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Linear kitchen or corner kitchen?

The furniture, especially in the kitchen, must ensure freedom of movement and facilitate the organization of work.

Before thinking about the design of the environment for our kitchen it is important to understand what is the ideal composition for the space available to us.

The kitchen is designed as a whole and to determine what is the ideal composition should be evaluated the size and space available to us.

The goal is to obtain the best arrangement of various essential components (cooking hob, oven, fridge, sink) the appliances, and modules to contain dishes and pots.

The depth of the base modules is generally of 60 cm, superior to that of the cabinets that must leave the necessary space to be able to use easily the work plans.


A project of a kitchen is valid at the time when you get logical and continue paths in an area and the other, thanks to which the preparation of a meal and following operations become a whole thing, fluid and consequential.


The linear kitchen is a classic, timeless, however, requires at least a wall enough long and no interruptions.

It will be here, in fact, that will be installed the kitchen linear, capable of capturing the look of who enters becoming the protagonist of the entire environment. It’s up to you to customize it with details that meet your tastes, to make it less anonymous.

The linear kitchens are ideal when the space available to us develops more in length than in width, the furniture are so aligned on a single wall.

The result is a composition airy, dynamic and functional even if we have a small space.

For the linear kitchens the open elements are particularly indicated , the absence of handles and a hidden or plan hoods are the perfect choice for not breaking the linearity of the kitchen.

But this type of kitchen is not only suitable for long and tight rooms, with the spread of the open space solutions , it is often preferred, even when the space is limited and you want more agility, focusing all on one side.

If you have other walls free in addition to that, where there are attacks of water and gas, the model of an ideal kitchen is the one to two lines, because it allows to insert the oven and fridge on the secondary wall, making some room for the plans of work required in the main.



Sometimes the choice for a corner solution is obliged, because the planimetric distribution or the position of the plants require it.


In the kitchen, the forms for the corner allow you to use all available space and create a cosy area in which devote themselves in a practical and functional way.

There are several other furniture that, despite being placed in line on a wall or on the other, come together to form the corner when coupled with other bases. These bases, forming a right angle in the composition, do not allow the inclusion of the oven under the top, but they offer a whole range of internal equipment very useful.

It’s about the simple shelves, comfortable swivel baskets, or most sophisticated mechanism made of intersecting stainless steel trays that allow you to use the entire space available.

Laura Murru.


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