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Modern bathrooms: 10 projects of luxury and design

The bathroom in recent years, has been transformed into an oasis of relaxation and well-being.

From “cinderella” room of the house, the bathroom has been transformed into the most desired environment of the house. 

But how do you furnish a modern bathroom? First we must distinguish the function that the bathroom has in your home, simplifying we can distinguish three types of bathrooms that can live in your home:

  1. MAIN BATHROOM (Master Bath)
  2. SECONDARY BATHROOM (Secondary Bath)
  3. GUEST BATH (Guest Bath)

These three bathrooms may or may not live together in the same house, depending on the size of the house. City apartments tend to have an average of two, while single villas have all three types, doubling the number of bathrooms depending on the rooms and the size of the villa.


The master bath, is the most important bathroom of the house. It is a bathroom of design but with all the comforts to ensure an experience of well-being to the residents of the house.

Let’s see some Master Bath realizations that we at RiFRA have made around the world:

Beverly Hills, California

This bathroom consists of a K.FLY composition with its characteristic 45° and 30° cuts, in a hand-spatulated gray cement finish, and natural marble top and integrated sink.

The mirror is from the 2HD retro LED-lit collection, while the bathtub in the middle of the room is Smooth 1 in Solid Surface covered in black cement.

Completing the bathroom is the CLEAN collection of steel accessories, including the iconic ceiling-mounted towel rack.

Northern Europe

The RiFRA Master Bathroom in this villa is integrated into the master bedroom with a concept that marries both design and wellness concepts in vogue in recent years.

The chosen collection is the K.ONE Collection, always in Oak finish, with two washbasins integrated in the Corian Top.

The composition is completed by the Diamond mirror with LED backlighting, the ADAM lamps in black chrome and a pouf in Polvere leather for the make-up area.

The last touch is represented by the CLEAN accessories in Corian and steel to be placed on the top.

The bathtub chosen is the CIRCLE model in Corian, which overlooks the sleeping area; also in this case the accessories and the RiFRA lamps contribute to make the atmosphere unique.

The coffee tables are from the PLANETA collection and the steel hanging lamps with LED lighting are from the TUBE collection.

The shower and sauna area completes this design bathroom.

Los Angeles

We are in Los Angeles, California, more precisely on Wilshire Boulevard, one of the main arteries of the city.

In this design apartment the bathroom has been furnished with furniture from the K.LINE collection, the mirror 2HD, while the bathtub and the washbasin are part of the Smooth collection.


The main bathroom is an integral part of the bedroom, and the first impact is represented by the SMOOTH bathtub in Cristalplant in the middle of the room.

The cabinet is from the K.ONE collection in pure matte white lacquer, with a top with single integrated tub.

The design of K.ONE is characterized by the body and the cabinet doors shaped at 45°, as if they were floating in the void. The composition is completed by the 2HD LED backlit mirror.

Completing the master bathroom are CLEAN accessories, in satin-finish steel and solid surface, and faucets from the WAVE collection, also in satin-finish steel.

Milan, Italy

The master bathroom of this loft in Milan is from the KONE collection, in the black spatulate cement finish, creating a material continuity with the kitchen.

The protagonist of the bathroom is the bathtub SMOOTH model. The bathroom opens up to the rest of the loft.

Vero Beach, Florida

In this design villa directly on the beach of Vero Beach, Florida, the main bathroom of the residence is composed of a ZERO composition by RiFRA in natural TEAK with the countertop washbasins of the NEST collection.

Completing the bathroom is the NEST bathtub in the middle of the room, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.


The Secondary Bath is the bathroom that is dedicated to the bedrooms that are secondary to the master bedroom.

Beverly Hills, California

The FLY collection is the star of this Secondary Bath, in a hand-splashed black cement finish, with a marble top and integrated sink.

The mirror is from the 2HD collection backlit with LEDs, and this bathroom is also complemented by the CLEAN accessory collection, including the ever-present steel ceiling towel rack.

Hoboken, New Jersey

The RiFRA bathroom consists of an 8-foot wide K.ONE with a granite top, while the cabinet is hand-splashed black concrete; the countertop sinks are the ELLISSE ceramic model, while the LOOM storage mirror features a Corian frame, shaped at 45° with LED lighting.


The guest bath is dedicated to welcoming guests of the homeowners, who are staying for lunch or dinner.

Unlike the main bathroom and secondary bathroom the guest bath usually includes a freestanding sink without containment and fixtures.

It is the smallest bathroom in the home, but it is also very neat, precisely because it is the one that will see the house guest.


This guest bathroom has been furnished with a piece of furniture designed by us for these special situations, called precisely LAVAMANI.

The cabinet is finished in Tortora Clay color, and completes the setting the mirror 2HD LED backlit, the pendant lamps ADAM also finished in Clay, the sanitary THIN collection in Opaque White Ceramic and Clean accessories in Steel and Corian.

Novara, Italy

The guest bathroom of this villa in Novara was furnished with two freestanding washbasins model SMOOTH in Rose Gold, framed by a large 2HD LED backlit mirror and a steel ladder.

TUBE lamps, sanitary ware, faucets and RiFRA accessories complete the setting.


To create a design bathroom like the ones seen in this article, it is necessary to include and amalgamate these elements in an aesthetic project:

  1. Bathroom composition 
    • Cabinet
    • Top and washbasin
    • Mirrors
  2. Faucets 
  3. Bathtub
  4. Shower 
  5. Sanitaryware
  6. Accessories

RiFRA is the right partner for bathroom furniture because it has been working in this field for more than fifty years and presents a complete catalog designing and manufacturing every product that makes up the modern bathroom.

You can discover all our collections and bathroom products by clicking on this link:

RiFRA Bathrooms Presentation


Successfully furnishing a modern bathroom is difficult because you have to make all these elements interact.

To help you choose the style of your next bathroom, we offer a free online consulting service. You will talk with one of our designers who will guide you in the choice of your next bathroom, and then propose a custom project.

If you are in the process of renovating or have just purchased a home, request our free remote consultation for the design of your next bathroom.

See you soon,

The RiFRA Team

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