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Modular kitchen: guide to configuring your RiFRA kitchen

KUBE kitchen, Milan Showroom.

The RiFRA kitchen, always associated with a strong focus on quality, on design and on functionality, was created to enhance the heart of your home. But what is the best configuration for your needs?

Island, peninsula, corner or linear kitchen: these are the choices available when it comes to designing a new fitted kitchen by RiFRA.

The kitchen space must be able to combine aesthetics and practicality, ensuring freedom of action and facilitating the organization of work; it must be comfortable and welcoming, as well as functional, to allow those who use it to move in space in a fluid and effective way.

Before thinking about the project of the space to be used for your kitchen, it is important to understand what the ideal composition for the space at your disposal could be.

The kitchen must be planned as a whole and the dimensions and architectural characteristics of the space available to us must be carefully evaluated.

The objective is to obtain the best possible arrangement of the various indispensable components (such as the hob, oven, fridge, sink), appliances and all the storage modules.

FLY kitchen with drawers and equipped columns.

The project for a kitchen is valid when logical and continuous paths are obtained between one zone and another, thanks to which the preparation of a meal and the subsequent operations become a fluid and consequential whole.

Below you will find some suggestions on how to furnish the RiFRA kitchen of your dreams:


If for you the kitchen is the heart of the house, where you live the conviviality, you welcome guests, every day unfolds between dynamism and emotion, the choice to design a kitchen with island within your home is the right choice.

Realization of an ONE kitchen in Tuscany

For a better result it is essential to have a large space in which to search for symmetries and alignments necessary to create an environment favourable to your freedom of vision and movement by stimulating the pleasure of working facing the surrounding environment.

In addition to the architectural project concerning the furnishing of the kitchen with island, a detailed plan of both the electrical and plumbing systems is required.

The island kitchen is a choice that will give your home great personality and charm, enhancing the rest of the house, starting from the living area.

ONE kitchen project in black concrete in Varese

Realization of a ONE kitchen with ISOLA in Varese

The island, located in the middle of the room, has the task of emphasizing the design chosen. For this reason, when choosing a modern kitchen with an elegant shape, the island is fundamental.

The storage space is enormously increased, as is the space dedicated to the worktop.

Depending on the size and composition of the island chosen, you can also opt for a solution that is dedicated to cooking, but also to be completed with a snack bar on which to eat, as in this kitchen RiFRA installed at the home of one of our customers.

FLY kitchen in metal finish with oak snack, Showroom Milano

There are many possibilities of choice to set up the kitchen with island, and each characterizes the kitchen with personality and originality.

But the island is always the real protagonist in space.


A peninsula kitchen is an optimal solution especially if you have open space spaces, functional, versatile and able to redefine the way of living.

It is perfect in large rooms and at the same time it is ideal for optimising space in small rooms.

Installation of a LINE kitchen with a peninsula in Lombardy

Usually the arrangement is linear with the peninsula that extends towards the center of the room, separating but at the same time combining the spaces of everyday life, giving a certain dynamism to the two rooms joined.
A choice of furniture that produces a single large room, well distributed, elegant, tidy and with a stylistic continuity between living room and kitchen.

The peninsula can be used as a dining table, giving the ambience a convivial and pleasant aura;

LINE kitchen with equipped peninsula

But it can also be used as a worktop, a solution in which the peninsula is at the same time a kitchen top, houses kitchen appliances and has the storage capacity given by doors, baskets, drawers and open compartments, to make the most of the space in your kitchen.


The linear kitchen is a timeless classic but requires at least one wall that is sufficiently long and free of interruptions.

It will be here, in fact, that the linear kitchen will be installed, capable of capturing the gaze of those who enter and become the protagonists of the entire environment. It is up to you to customize it with details that meet your tastes, to make it less anonymous.

ZERO oak kitchen

Linear kitchens are ideal when the space available is developed in length rather than width, the furniture is then aligned on a single wall.

Considering the realistic dimensions of the wall is very important for choosing the right configuration for your linear kitchen.

For smaller linear kitchens, open elements and the absence of handles are particularly suitable. A concealed or flat hood is the perfect choice so as not to break the linearity of the kitchen.

RiFRA project for a ONE kitchen in concrete finishing.

But this type is not only suitable for small and long rooms: with the diffusion of open space solutions, it is often preferred even when there is no space left and you want more usability, concentrating everything on one side, to create a more and multifunctional room in a single space much larger and brighter.

If you have other free walls in addition to the one where there are water and gas connections, the ideal model of kitchen is the two-line, because it allows you to insert oven and refrigerator on the secondary wall, gaining space for the worktops provided in the main one.


Sometimes the choice for a corner kitchen is obligatory, because the planimetric distribution or the position of the systems require it.

First draft of the KUBE kitchen plan in Milan

At other times, preferring an L-shaped kitchen is a real aesthetic choice, stimulating from the creative point of view, to give a touch of effect to the entire environment.

Realization of the KUBE corner kitchen project in Milan.

In the arrangement of the corner kitchen, the corner modules allow you to use all the available space and create a welcoming area that is practical, functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time.

There are many possibilities for corner kitchen combinations, especially if there are no interruptions in the space available.

Realization of a corner kitchen LINE in a farm in Trentino.

From simple shelves to comfortable rotating baskets, to the most sophisticated mechanisms consisting of stainless-steel containers trays that intersect inside and allow you to use the entire space available.
Creating innovative solutions for the kitchen corner is a challenge that we at RiFRA love to face and overcome.

Space organisation systems in a LINE kitchen.

The pantry of the corner kitchen thus becomes a comfortable and accessible place, also original in its organization and its functional aesthetics, which allows you to make the most of even the spaces that would seem unusable at first glance. The presence of corners in the kitchen should therefore never frighten.

On the other hand, the kitchen is the heart of the house, a space loved and to be loved, where daily life takes place and is told.

Choose the kitchen configuration that best suits your pace, discover our models of fitted kitchens

We at RiFRA are available to put all our experience at your service to support and advise you in choosing the solution of your ideal kitchen.

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