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My dream, a kitchen RiFRA, it has become a reality

Nicoletta opened us the doors of his house in Monza and after the installation of her LINE kitchen told us about her experience with the company.

D. How have you been with RiFRA? Tell us about your experience.

R. With Rifra was an exceptional experience, I have to say that I already knew the brand hearsay and for projects that realizes, but until a few months ago, I was not ever coming into contact with the company.

When I arrived in RiFRA I already had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, but I could not make it to the environment of my kitchen which as you can see it’s a bit unusual, especially for the cuts of the walls.

In RiFRA I met a highly professional team and an architect who had the great virtue of understand my idea but above all to materialise it in an accurate project.

RiFRA-realizzazione cucina line monza 02

D. How was the choice of model and finishes?

R. I followed the advice of some employees of the company who from the beginning advised me to visit the store of Modena and I have to say that it was worth it.

Once there I saw the main models but especially all the finishes and the various possibilities that I had, more or less expensive, and even there I was well recommended by the responsible for the store, it was a visit very useful to clear my head, and to understand what I wanted for my house.

RiFRA-realizzazione cucina line monza 03 04

D. What can you tell us about the use and functionality of the kitchen?

R. At first I was a little worried, as you can see I have four columns of which two are dedicated to household appliances, on the one hand, I have the fridge and freezer, on the other I have the ovens, and I was worried about not having enough space.

I have to say that the interiors are very wide and the zones of the peninsula and the sink are structured so well that every inch is exploited.

I was afraid of not having enough space instead it spare me.

RiFRA-realizzazione cucina line monza 05 06

D. So we can say that it has been a positive experience? About the post-production, how have you been?

R. Absolutely great! I haven’t had any kind of problem, the times were fully complied with, it has got a team of four people in my house that has been working nonstop.

An experience that I would do it, and I would recommend also to my friends.

Nicoletta Ratti

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