New corporate image

RIFRA is a brand that has been synonymous with elegance, style and constant innovation for 45 years in the world of interior design.

In recent years, RIFRA has set its focus on the design, production and marketing of high quality kitchens and bathroom products.

To strengthen our brand identity by further sharpening this focus, we would like to introduce our new corporate identity, which will accompany us from February 2015 into the coming years.

A slight revision of the name RIFRA.

80% of RIFRA’s marketing of kitchens and bathrooms is focused abroad; RIFRA is not easy to pronounce for native English speakers and English is the second most spoken language in the world.
For a native English speaker, “Rif” is easy to pronounce and “Ra” is not.
To solve this problem, the graphics of the new logo will feature a lowercase i:

An updated logo.

The brand RiFRA will now be accompanied by a new, simple logo that communicates these three things:

  1. The nature of our business, kitchens and bathrooms.
  2. Our focus on the high end of the market. The best way of communicating this focus is to emphasize that RiFRA is located in Milan.
    Our connection with the city of Milan also implies a focus on contemporary design.
  3. The word “direct,” which means that RiFRA kitchens and bathrooms are produced and distributed directly by the company in Milan. (The RiFRA brand is backed by proprietary production, at the top of the line).


A “visual hammer.”

To connect the verbal nail, “kitchens and bathrooms direct from Milano,” on certain occasions, the RiFRA brand will be accompanied by a new “visual hammer,” a stylized kitchen symbolizing the contemporary design of the RiFRA brand.

The RiFRA “visual hammer” communicates the emotional power of the RiFRA brand, while accompanying the new logo and the new “verbal nail”.


A new logo for products.

All products will be branded with a simpler RiFRA logo, which sums up the whole position of the brand.


The logo for the RiFRA stores.

RiFRA’s flagship and direct stores will be strongly identifiable through variations of the logo, which will be perfect, proportionate and will strongly identify the RiFRA brand.



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