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Opening RiFRA Space in Seoul, South Korea.

Seoul, the capital city of the South Korea, is a huge metropolis in which there are modern skyscrapers, advanced technological subways in which pop – culture coexists with Buddhist temples, buildings and street markets.

With more than 10 thousand inhabitants, Seoul is having a wonderful time. From mode to food and from architecture to art, but also from technology to amusement, this city is becoming one creative paradise for everyone who is trying to leave its mark on the world.

The citizens of Seoul have contributed to create a city in wich both future and past coexist.

The RiFRA Space is a room dedicated to RiFRA situated in the LINETASTE, who is our official partner.

Line Taste has been created to have the chance to show endless time design forniture created by world-famous architects and also to have the chance to show high-quality products and forniture of the most famous european brands that have been adapted to the contemporary korean lifestyle.

Furthermore the expertes provide a personalised plannig for the whole interior design of the house using personalised products and also high-quality materials.


RiFRA’s products that are exposed are both from the kitchens’ and baths’ collection.



The ONE kitchen, exposed in Seoul, is the symbol of RiFra beacause of its design and its materials.

ONE has an huge visual impact beacause of its coutertop, its basement, the manifacturing of 45° of the doors, the height of 6cm of the plinth, which is also shaped at 45°, the columns, in which there are hidden the electrical appliances to preservate a pure visual of the kitchen from the visitor.

It’s astonish also the material used, black hand-spatulated concrete on MDF panels.

In this way the ONE kitchen is a unique hand-maded masterpiece.

You can discover all the feaures of the ONE kitchen in this youtube video


The Kube kitchen, which is exposed in the Line Taste, is the last RiFRA’s collection kitchen with a pure design without grooves and handles.

The KUBE that has been exposed in Korea is covered in Ceramic Store Calacatta Gold and the columns are lacquered in metallic and the interiors of this kitchen are made by wood.

You can discover all the features of the KUBE kitchen in this youtube video


The bath’s collection K.ONE is the masterpiece of RiFRA’s bathroom collections.

K.ONE is a single-unit shaped at 45° and in this case it has an integrated washbasin of Solid Surface.

The K.ONE bathroom has mirror LOOM with a Solid Surface frame with a back LED lighting and the bathroom composition is completed by the WAVE tap in stainless steel  and the accessories from the CLEAN collection in Solid Surface and stainless steel.

You can discover all the features of the K.ONE collection in this youtube video


We are thankful to our partner LINETASTE. For furthermore information you can consult the website


서울시 서초구 양재천로 103-2




Our business network is a growing reality and we are looking for people with a passion for design and for the RiFRA’s brand.

If you are a vendor of kitchen’s and bath’s forniture or if you are an entrepeneur, who is looking for new opportunities, read more information you find in this page,  and download our marketing plan for the RiFRA’s associate stores.

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