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[Photo] Spectacular villa of design in the green of Olgiata, Rome

The Villa is located in the famous residential area of Olgiata, known for being surrounded by nature at the gates of Rome.

The Villa is furnished with RiFRA kitchen and bathrooms, but the project also presents many other sophisticated areas furnished by RiFRA, which contribute to add design, style and quality to the home.

Below you will find some pictures of the completed project. The images were taken by our Media Team.


The kitchen chosen is the FLY collection, with its characteristic 30° on the top and 45° on the doors.

The kitchen has equipped columns and sink bases, in black hand-spatulated cement finish.

The top and backsplash are in satin-finish steel;


The exclusive residence has a master and a guest bathroom, both fully furnished by RiFRA.

Master Bathroom
The collection chosen for the Master Bathroom is the K.ONE collection, in black spatulate concrete, to deliberately maintain a stylistic continuity of finish with the kitchen.

The top in Corian with double washbasin but with a single shape and continuous discharge.

The composition is completed by the 2HD mirror with LED backlighting and the ADAM lamps in black chrome.

The last touch is represented by the WAVE taps in satin-finish steel and by the CLEAN accessories in Corian and steel on the top.

The bathtub chosen is the model SMOOTH02, also in this case the accessories, and the RiFRA taps contribute to make the atmosphere unique.

The master bathroom is completed by the THIN model sanitary fixtures in matt white ceramic.

Guest Bathroom
The guest bathroom has been furnished with the freestanding washbasin model CIRCLE in Corian.

The FLOOR floor mirror, with LED backlighting, 45° shaped, completes the setting;

The tables are from the PLANETA collection and the black steel pendant lamps with LED lighting are from the TUBE collection.

The guest bathroom is completed by THIN sanitary fittings in matt white ceramic and CLEAN accessories in Corian and Satin Steel.


RiFRA’s experience in manufacturing, combined with internal design, has allowed us to furnish even the night areas of customers, as in the case of the master bedroom, providing the cabinet in lacquered metallic finish with integrated handle, with open details that lighten the visual impact.

The supply is completed by the walk-in closet composed of lacquered cabinets to ensure further containment for homeowners; the visible cleanliness of the design and linearity distinguish the design RiFRA.


The first living area is next to the kitchen and RiFRA has contributed by creating the boiserie entirely hand-finished in metal finish.

Also, in the precious metal finish spatulate by hand is the wardrobe of the room intended for storage, in this case the doors have the integrated handle model ZERO.


The bookcase model CLIMBING, with its 45 ° cuts, in matt lacquer finish, leads us to the area intended to house a corner of great value of the Villa, the Wine Cellar, here the customer’s need combined with the advice of our designers has created furniture of the highest level.

A part of the wine cellar is well integrated in ONE column, shaped entirely at 45°, in the lacquered metallic finish, the interior is custom, lacquered, with glass shelves and LED lighting.

To support the integrated wine cellar, there is a wall designed with open “cube” wall units with 45° shape and same metallic finish to maintain a perfect continuity of style.

It was a privilege for us to contribute to the success of such an important residence.
Interview with the owners of the house Fabiana and Marco.

1. Can you explain to our readers, why this location and what impressed you about the house when you first visited it?

For years we’ve been looking for a house that’s as big as it is cozy. The tranquility and silence that surrounds it in a non-isolated area of North Rome, have kidnapped us and we immediately imagined it as the reference point for our families and friends! And almost a year after our transfer it was just like that.

2. Can you explain the philosophy behind the renovation and the choice of materials and furnishings?

Restructuring an environment that reflects one’s own personality is not always successful. Together with our architect and Assunta Campanelli (artistic direction of RiFRA n.d.r.) we have tried to create a practical and design environment, choosing ideas and finishes, with a high aesthetic and quality level and warm and welcoming tones. In addition, the details ….. Rifra has read us inside.

3. How did you know RiFRA and what attracted you to our product?

We personally know Assunta and Luigi Molteni because of some friendships in common. When we bought the house immediately our first thought was to call Assunta, and so after a short while a “freccia rossa” took us to their concept store in Milan and from there, sipping a good aperitif, our adventure began. From that moment on, we all understood that renovating a house would be a magical experience, not a stressful one. Rifra’s ideas were welcomed and emphasized one after the other, so we completely revised the entire house from some of the rooms we wanted to renovate. It is not easy to synthesize what struck us about Rifra products…. an aesthetic “simplicity” that left us astonished and elegant, the high quality level of each product, the strong innovation in the materials used in the different compositions and combinations, the unique details and finishes, the beautiful sensation to the touch and the sensation of resistance and stability… and today I can also say the practicality and ease of management.   

4. How was the purchasing experience and the subsequent phases of working with the company? (design, delivery, installation, after sales)

As I said, from the outset restructuring and having “Rifra” among our partners was a unique experience that excited and entertained us. At every stage and level, from the ownership to the entire team of designers, builders, fitters, we laughed a lot and above all we felt the passion and dedication to what was being done. This does not mean absolute perfection but a perfection in satisfying the customer, in the professionalism and courtesy that have continuously accompanied us.

5. Are you satisfied with your kitchen and your new home? What do you like best?

Yes, very much … even today we are surprised to admire it and we will never forget the amazement in the eyes of our children. It was a great commitment and sacrifice but the emotion of living and sharing it is repaying us for everything. Which environment do we like best? Impossible to answer … every room has something unique that distinguishes it ……. spaces, finishes and warm colors of the living room, the brightness of the wine cellar, the refinement of the bathrooms, the linearity and elegance of the kitchen. A special thank you, without any interest, is really dedicated to Assunta and Gigi because their passion and humility can be felt throughout the company and have made Rifra help us to realize a dream. It was really like that for us.
Fabiana and Marco.

We thank our customers for their availability
It has been a pleasure for us to work and collaborate on the success of their project.

You can book your appointment at our RiFRA Store in Rome online at, or calling 06 64781733.

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