Project: Dumbo Townhouse at Pearl & Water

“At the corner of Pearl and Water Streets, five contemporary four bedroom, three bath townhouses with private parking, a garden and a roof terrace. The townhouses feature 20’ parlor floor ceilings, fireplaces and sky lit rooms throughout. In addition, they are designed with energy efficient building systems and a high performance building envelope. All townhouses were sold.”


The project I am talking about in this post is in DUMBO, acronym of Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, a neighborhood in New York.

Federico Rampini, who writes for “La Repubblica”, has described it in this way:

“…it looks like a landscape of 19th or 20th century, but behind reddish walls and cast iron joists, there are artists’ ateliers in what is called Dumbo […] a neighborhood where artistic vitality competes with Greenwich Village, Soho and Tribeca. Even theater has two opposite faces: on the side we have historical Theaters of Broadway, which are always active, on the other side we have Bam (Brooklyn Academy of Music) and Saint Ann’s Theater, capable of attracting the best productions from London.”

This building is a townhouse.

Four rooms, three bathrooms, private terrace and reserved parking, and RiFRA has contributed to the plan by realizing scrupulously the project of the architect.


Here are two examples of rendering with the relative realization of the same location: a Corian with wood front, a Smooth bathtub and a Line kitchen.

Products have already been installed in the apartments, with great satisfaction of the customer.

Here are some renderings of internals:


If you are daydreaming about the purchase of one of these apartments…I am sorry to tell you that they are sold out.
…that would have been a worthy purchase of 4/6 million dollars!


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