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Project with a RiFRA “ONE-OFF” kitchen in Belgium

The history of RiFRA dates back to the 1930s, when Giovanni Rivolta started his carpenter’s workshop with his first collaborators in the industrious province of Milan.

At the time, having completely customized furniture, in shapes, sizes and materials was the norm: customers decided on the materials in the factory and each product was unique.

To revive the philosophy of this unique and personalized furniture, RiFRA offers its customers the program “One-Off”, an English term derived from the Latin phrase “Una Tantum”, which means “once only”.

In a world of standardized kitchens, with 10 cm high or 15 cm high plinths, materials standardized by the mass production of series and repetitive designs between them, the first kitchen of the “ONE-OFF” program was designed with the customer Didier François of S&D Concepts, our official dealer in Belgium in collaboration with our Style Centre RiFRALAB.

The design has taken up some of the concepts of the most popular RiFRA kitchens, the ONE collection and the FLY collection, with an exclusive marble covering.


As you can see, the main part of the kitchen joins for the first time the two characteristic elements of RiFRA kitchens:

The 45° shaped plinth and the 45° processing on the perimeter of the kitchen (base, side and top), inspired by the ONE collection.

The shape of the top, which remains visible, as in the FLY kitchen, creating a detail of very fascinating style.

This peninsula ends with the abandonment of the FLY stylistic elements and closes the base with the design of the ONE kitchen: the 45° workings are drawn inside the perimeter of the kitchen, as can be seen in the following two photos.


The materials used were mainly two:

  • Oak, declined in two sample shades, analyzing with the customer the philosophy of the project as a whole.
  • Natural marble, chosen by the customer.

Marble has been used to cover the kitchen, the plinths and to create the backsplash.

Mirror wood panellings complete the image of the kitchen.


Special thanks to our dealer S&D Concepts, for their commitment in the study and development of this unique kitchen, the first of the “One-Offs”, and to the designers of the RiFRA Style Centre who worked side by side with the customer for the success of the kitchen.

The second “One-Off” kitchen has already been delivered for a major Loft project in New York. Also in this case it has been studied together with the client.

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Matteo Rivolta

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