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RiFRA and Multimobiliare, a parternrship for new top quality residences in Ticino.

The Multimobiliare group and Partecipazioni SA, with the headquarter in Locarno, Lugano and Bellinzona, is a leader company in Cantone Ticino, in Swisse. This leader company is a real estate company that realize high-quality estates all over the Ticino area.

The Mulitmobiliare group has lots of qualities and offers to his clients an high-qualified team to give them all the support they need.

There are lots of inovative projects that have become iconic for their success, for exemple the project for the Leche Park Residence of Bellinzona, the Diamante e Gordola Residence and the Seven Residence of Massagno.

The Leche project, is situated in a green aerea on the bank of the Ticino river. This project presents four residential 6 floor – tower and at the centre there is a beautiful fountain. There is also an undergorund floor for the car park.

The aim of this innovative project is to save over the 75% of the surrounding green area.

The Seven Residence, in Massagno presents three levels.

All the apartments have an amazing view on the Lugano lake.

This Residence has been realized according to a project of Luxury & Relax Design with a minimalist style which is perfectly integrated with the landscape.

The Diamond Residemce, in Gordola has an amazing view on the Lago Maggiore and this Residence is near Locarno.

The architectural structure of the Residence is perfectly integrated once again with the surrounding area.

Morover the project of the Residence offers an high-quality apartments with innovative solution of semplicity and efficiency. Thanks to the cooperation of the city hall the Diamond Residence gives an opportunity to live in a realxed way.

Furthermore the Multimobiliare group is also providing high-quality  private single estate as the single family houses.

In these photos you can see some examples of the high-quality estates realised by the Multimobiliare group.

The leader of the Multimobiliare team is Vito Auciello, CEO and founder of the team.

In this interview at RiFra TV Vito Auciello talks about the values behind his company, the projects that the company has for the future and why he decides to work with RiFra.

You can click on the miniature for hear the interview.

“After my visit to RiFra company I realize that RiFra company as Multimobiliare group has the aim to put quality first and this is one of the reason why I have decided to start a cooperation between my company and RiFra”

“This is why I’ve chosen RiFra to export the high-quality italian design in Ticino”

A real interesting future project of Multimobiliare is the ARBED SMART CENTER.

Arberd Smart Center is multi-functional palce in which there will be some areas for the co-working, meeting rooms and wellness rooms and catering rooms.

The Arbed Smart Center will be realized in Castione Arbedo, northern of  Cantone Ticino and you will be able to arrive there in less than one hour from Milan by car.

The Arberd Smart Centre will be 10 thousend square meters wide and will be composed by 2 main blocks. There will be a work place with meeting rooms adaptable and co-working areas with a technology equipement and there will be also a smart living area. This smart living area will have 70 unities called Arbed Smart Suite Rooms and green areas in which there will be the chance to organize events.

The future project of Multimobiliare with RiFra kitchens and baths there will be:


A polifunctional business centre in the middle of Locarno.

At the moment the centre is been renovated and this is the render of the final result:

In the residential apartments  I will give the RiFra kitchens and baths.


Mikael is a project in Arbedo Castione near Bellinzona with 14 unities in which there will be RiFra kitchens and baths .

Ringraziamo Multimmobilare per la fiducia riposta in RiFRA.

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