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When you decide to furnish, there are several factors that drive you to make your decision: it is the design, beauty and elegance, as well as the functionality of a piece of furniture that make the difference.

RiFRA is a brand that has attracted customers for over 45 years thanks to its elegance, style and continuous innovation.

In recent years we have focused on the design, production and marketing of high-end kitchen and bathroom furniture.

It is a question of sensitivity, empathy and technique that we at RiFRA identify as emotional design and that characterizes every phase of our design process.

We wanted to summarize what for us at RiFRA means to project through emotional design in this presentation, downloadable in PDF format.


The market has recognized RiFRA’s dedication to research, innovation and the development of new products, as well as its interest in the market and its components and the characteristic Italian taste in the choice of finishes, consistency and elegance of design.

To make this happen, RiFRA has an entire department dedicated to research and development of new and innovative design ideas and products called RiFRALAB.

RIFRALAB, includes the best and most experienced graphic designers and architects in our team to provide continuous updates on what RiFRA has to offer.

First of all, we analyze customer needs and experiment with different visualizations to try, through tactile and visual experiences, to capture the real feeling between user and product to have a clear vision during the long and complex design process. The process is based on allowing the emotional world to join the technical one through the experimentation of shapes and materials.

For RiFRA, every project is a story in itself. Emotional design is a combination of technique, experience and experimentation. The product must be contextualized in a dynamic way to show the client a new point of view on the environment.

This change of perspective occurs through the use of new and innovative materials, such as concrete, metal, clay and through new lines and a new design.


These innovative materials find their maximum expression in the RiFRA Kitchens and Bathrooms collections, a true masterpiece of Italian design.

For RiFRA, by now a point of reference in the sector, the creation of kitchens and bathroom furniture means creating design spaces that evoke emotions in people, given by the union of technique and emotions, where the customer can feel himself and at the same time in tune with his own style and personality.


Our experience is now also available online, through the new free kitchen design service. So you can request your personalized advice; our designers will listen to your needs and then we will develop a unique and exclusive project for you.



See you soon,

The RiFRA Team

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