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Spectacular Villa of Design in Northern Europe

We have completed the installation of all the furniture in a contemporary design villa in Northern Europe.
Customers needed to be followed step by step in all phases of the work, that is:

  • First consultancy of interior design
  • First projects
  • Definition of the final project
  • Measurement taken at the customer’s location
  • Putting products into production
  • Transport and delivery
  • Mounting in location

The project started with the definition of the Kitchen and the Bathrooms, but the customers expressed the desire to be followed at 360 ° also with the creation of all the furniture for the living and sleeping areas.

First draft of the plan of the Kitchen project.

Having RiFRA both top-level designers and top-class production with the latest generation of machinery and expert craftsmen, we accepted the challenge and the final result was above customer expectations.
Here are the pictures of the finished realization. The images were taken by our Media Team.


The kitchen chosen was the FLY collection, with its characteristic 30° corners on the worktop and 45° on the doors, for the entire perimeter of the kitchen, with an MDF groove specially designed by RiFRA to emphasize the hanging effect of the countertop.

1.1 Isola

The kitchen has an island in medium striped oak, with a support groove on the worktop and furniture interiors in a matt black lacquered finish.

The top of the island is in satin-finish steel. Below is a picture of the countertop and a detail of its 30°.
Please take note to the steel integrated washbasin, both on the island and in the part of the kitchen against the wall.

Stainless steel countertop

Detail of 30° edge shaping

The kitchen project also includes the area dedicated to the columns, an area with a second washbasin dedicated to breakfast, with a snack bar at the back, and a part behind the snack area composed of low furniture.

1.2 Columns

The column area is completely dedicated to containment, for a wider area of more than 6 metres.
The columns are lacquered with a special colour chosen by our designers and customers.

All appliances, professional hob, wine cellar, compact microwave, food warmer, traditional and steam oven, fridge freezer are from the American company Sub-Zero / Wolf. Our technicians have been both in Chicago and in the headquarters (production and offices), in Madison in Wisconsin to better understand how to integrate them in RiFRA kitchens.
You can watch the video reportage from the United States by clicking here:

1.3 Snack area

As you can see from the project, the Snack area has been created with a double finish: with a sample colour on the inside of the kitchen in order to maintain aesthetic coherence with this area. In the snack area behind you can see an oak pantry: both the snack bar and the column finishing panel are made of oak for the same previous concept of aesthetic coherence.

The top of the Snack bar is also in striped Oak.

1.4 Pantry area and lunch

The kitchen is completed by a low pantry in Oak, which connects emotionally with the table in the same material, always designed by RiFRA.

The pantry also follows the design of the FLY kitchen, with the top shaped at 30° and the door shaped at 45°.

1.5 Wine Cellar

In another area of the villa, there is an additional wine cellar in addition to the one integrated into the kitchen.
The finish is Natural Oak.


The exclusive residence has numerous bathrooms furnished by RiFRA. Let’s see some of them together.

2.1 Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is integrated in the master bedroom with a concept that combines both the design and the wellness concept in vogue in recent years.

The collection chosen is the K.ONE Collection, also in striped Oak finish, with two washbasins integrated in the Corian Top.

The composition is completed by the Diamond mirror with LED backlighting, the ADAM lamps in black chrome and a powder-coloured leather stool for the make-up area. For this detail we were inspired by the villas we have furnished in Los Angeles, between Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

The last details are represented by the CLEAN accessories in Corian and Steel on the top.

More detailed photos of the composition:

The bathtub chosen is the CIRCLE model in Corian, which overlooks the sleeping area; also in this case the accessories and RiFRA lamps contribute to making the atmosphere unique.

The small tables are from the PLANETA collection and the steel pendant lamps with LED lighting are from the TUBE collection.

The master bathroom is completed by the shower area and the sauna.

2.2 Secondary Bathroom.

The secondary bathroom is always furnished with the K.ONE bathroom furniture collection but with a Corian finish, both for the furniture and the top.
This is because in the bedroom next to this bathroom, the furniture has always been designed with the same material.

The composition is completed by the 2HD mirror with LED backlighting, the ADAM pendant lamps and the CLEAN accessories, also in Corian.

The washbasin is double but with a single shape.

In the same residence there is another secondary bathroom, with the same finishes, but smaller in size and with a single sink.

2.3 Guest bathroom

The Guest Bathroom has been furnished with a piece of furniture designed by us for these particular situations, called precisely LAVAMANI.

The furniture is finished in Dove-coloured Clay, and completes the setting with the 2HD mirror with LED backlighting, the ADAM pendant lamps also finished in Clay, the THIN sanitaryware collection in Matt White Ceramics and the Clean accessories in Steel and Corian.

2.4 Swimming pool area

The Wellness area of the residence reaches its peak with the indoor swimming pool (it was not built by us). We have realized the wardrobes of the changing rooms.

3.0 Living area

3.1 Living room kitchen

The first living area is next to the kitchen and we have contributed with the Oak Table, (as mentioned in the part of the article dedicated to the kitchen), the chairs of the table, a storage unit in front of the armchairs and sofas, with doors in reflective bronzed glass and the storage stool.
The sofas and armchairs are by Cassina.

3.2 Attic Living Area

The living area of the roofed part of the house is dedicated to both the video system and the containment, then developing on the side with a library that extends in width.
In this case the doors are in glass.

The library is lacquered in two different colours, but tone on tone, and is designed with a play of volumes that lightens the visual impact.

Detail of the “cube”:

3.3 Living Area Rooms

Every room in the residence has its own living area.
Corian library:

Lacquered library:

4.0 Night Area

4.1 Master Night Area

RiFRA’s experience in manufacturing, combined with its own internal design, has allowed us to furnish even the night areas of customers, as in the case of the master bedroom by providing the storage unit under the TV with the K.ONE collection.

Floor mirror model FLOOR, with LED backlighting, 45° shaped:

The supply is completed by the leather headboard behind the bed (in the same nuance as the leather of the wardrobe that will be presented later), the bedside tables in the K.ONE collection and the bench in front of the bed.

We have also created several wardrobes, listening to the needs of the customer and joining the advice of our designers and then produce and install this furniture of the highest level. A true masterpiece of Italian design and manufacture.

The wardrobes have an aluminium structure and the doors are in brown glass.

In the lower area of the wardrobe there are drawers with brown glass tops and interiors in soft microfibre color Corda.

A part of the Wardrobe Cabin is completely covered in leather, always with personalized interiors in microfiber corda color.

All the internal drawers have been specially customised to contain with class and elegance the accessories, jewellery and watches of the owners.

Particular attention has been focused on the inner lining of the shoe racks with a special non-slip technical material.

4.2 Secondary Night Area

Complete the supply of lacquered wardrobes to ensure additional containment for homeowners.

5.0 Opening party

During the design phase, an excellent personal relationship was established between the customers and all RiFRA personnel, owners, designers and installers.

So it was a pleasure for us to participate in the opening party of the residence with our chefs directly from Italy, who cooked for the hosts and their guests, traditional Italian food.

6.0 Conclusion

It was a privilege for us to contribute to the success of such an important Residence.

The house is not only an economic investment, but also has a high affective value and we are grateful to our client friends for having given us their confidence in the realization of the “house of life”, and we thank them for this.

Matteo Rivolta
CEO RiFRA Milano srl

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