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The 5 most luxurious bathroom in the world

The main distinguishing features of luxury bathrooms are related to the space available, the use of noble materials, the design of bespoke furniture, quality natural lighting and design of artificial light and type of decoration.

Another important factor is the integration of this environment with all the architecture of the home.

The styles can also greatly differ; the distance between luxury, extravagance and kitsch is very short.

It is therefore important to develop balanced, elegant and functional designs.

In this article we’ll tell you about five.

Hollywood atmosphere


This environment satisfies all the requirements to fall under the “luxury bathrooms” category.

The marble wall represents a stylistic choice of great value because each slab features color and veining.

The two pieces of furniture are characterized by a 45° profile that runs along the perimeter: a monolithic top with integrated sinks and backlit LED mirror.

The furnishings, chandelier and leather and steel seat are lined up in the middle of a room, while the mineral-marble bathtub is positioned overlooking Beverly Hills.

The result is a Hollywood glam bathroom with well defined luxury traits.

Lightness of glass

Here the emphasis is on the lightness and cleanliness of the spaces: the glass walls represent an interior design solution that perfectly integrates with the designer’s idea of ​​creating both direct dialogue with and access to the garden outside.

The neutral tones of the bathroom cabinet with embedded grooves in the drawers and seats are designed to avoid sharp and strong contrasts and create a homogenous and relaxing environment.


Minimalist luxury


An environment that induces relaxation as soon as you walk into the room.

This bathroom is developed along the minimal lines of its main elements, namely the freestanding bathtub, columns, and the central piece of furniture.

Visual comfort is guaranteed by the Finnish sauna in light wood.

Its look may be simple at first glance: in fact we are faced with a new concept of luxury, which is also the signature of the architect.


Balanced harmony


Both for its lines and its spatial arrangement: certainly more contemplative than a simple bathroom.
The design is not just about furniture and the toilet, but the design of the entire space: the ceiling is high, creating a room and a fluid, unobstructed environment.

The contrasting colors par excellence, combined with taste and elegance, are able to create spaces with lots of personality.

Room with a view

The bathroom becomes a space which cannot be disregarded. In fact, in the concept of a contemporary house, this space plays a major role.

Materials and colors ranging from white to beige exude sophistication and elegance.

Clearly the view the most effective element for this space, because besides the glass itself there is a breathtaking panorama.

Laura Murru


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