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The benefits of a kitchen with island

If for you the kitchen means dynamic, excitement and friendliness, the choice of designing in your home a kitchen with island, it is the correct choice.

The kitchen with island is born in the United States (this is why it is also called the american kitchen), where it has always been the hub of operations: big breakfasts, parties with friends, Sunday brunch with the family.

The kitchen with island is a choice that will give your home great personality and charm, valuing also of the rest of the house, starting from the living area.

The ideal configuration also anticipates two walls: one dedicated to the columns for storage space and food preservation, as well as the oven area. The second wall is occupied by bases, storage units, space for the sink, dishwasher space and its kitchen cabinets. The island, which is open on all 4 sides with relative storage space, will be devoted to the preparation of food with  and its extractor fan.

Rifra Fly; mobili bianco puro lucido, top in acciaio.

The design of island kitchen is fundamental, and is conditional to a broad availability of space. In particular, in addition to the architectural design, the island kitchen requires a detailed design of the electrical and hydraulic system.

Some examples of Rifra kitchens installed in New York, with island; in this case the entire operating part is attached to the wall.

Rifra Line, laccata bianco lucido, top ed alzate in acciaio, top dell'isola in quarzo.

Instead in this kitchen we chose the doble island combined with columns with storage space solution which has a great visual impact and is also very scenographic.

isola in rovere spazzolato, top in quarzo, colonne in cemento.

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