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The design bathroom cabinet is suspended, discover the bathroom collections of RiFRA

Wall-hung bathroom furniture is an ever-growing trend, both for its practicality and, above all, for its aesthetic elegance.

If you choose a wall-hung piece of furniture, you are undoubtedly making an aesthetic choice that is precise, minimalist and therefore extremely elegant.

Its simple lines and the essentiality of the shapes will give strong personality and character to your bathroom in which it will be placed.

K.Kube model, metal finish.

Choosing to emphasise space with suspended bathroom furniture means putting practicality and style on the same level.

If you are a lover of suspended style, then let yourself be inspired by the RiFRA collections:


With the K.KUBE bathroom model, RiFRA communicates the concepts of volume and proportion of shapes in a great way.

K.KUBE model in cement finish

K.KUBE looks like a piece of furniture with pure shapes, without handle and without visible grooves or profiles. The 45° edges are exclusively inside the cabinet, both in the profile of the top and in the profiles of the sides and the base;

a well studied design that combines elegance and capacity, aimed at emphasizing the concept of lightness of the suspended bathroom furniture.

The strong thickness of the door and the important capacity, details of craftsmanship and tradition, show that suspended furniture can also be spacious solutions but with style.

K.KUBE model, microfibre interiors.

Thanks to the addition of separators and covers, the capacity of the cabinet will surprise you even more.


The visual impact of RiFRA’s K.ONE model will certainly amaze you.

The lightness of the door that seems to float in the air, conveys the perception of having more space around, a sense of greater freedom. is a monobloc piece of furniture that amazes both for the innovative two-colour game originated by the contrasting finishes, and for the 45 degree cuts that attenuate its internal corners.

Known for its modularity, K.ONE will allow you to make the most of all the available space; you can choose to add internal drawers, lacquered wood dividers or covered with precious microfiber, thus creating a perfectly tidy but stylish environment for a warm but light atmosphere:

K.ONE cabinet with double drawer, internal dividers covered in microfibre.


Sophisticated and elegant, RiFRA’s K.FLY suspended model, characterized by the 30° working of the top and 45° of the door and side, will allow you to give a breath of modernity to the environment and, above all, a unique touch of design.

K.FLY model in clay finishing

As far as the installation of washbasins is concerned, there are no limitations. RiFRA offers a range of washbasins to suit every need, whether they are over-top mounted, integrated or semi-recessed. There is nothing to prevent you from choosing an essential piece of furniture that will bring out all the spaces, allowing you to keep everything tidy within that space of the house that is also the place dedicated to relax, without neglecting aesthetics and design.

Our new catalogue is available to see all our collections: download here the new bathroom catalogue RiFRA:

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