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The OKO project in Moscow delivered more than 400 kitchens and 950 bathrooms

In the spring of 2012 I was in Moscow for a typical sales visit when, with our point man for the Russian market, we began to respond to the first signs of interest in us from the most important Russian real estate developer.

We immediately realized that this was not like the many contracts that are brought to our attention, but a key and prestigious project for the Russian capital that would reshape the Moscow skyline.

In fact, the OKO skyscrapers are in the new “Moscow City” district which will represent the financial and economic heart of the capital.

Moscow City is located 6 km from Red Square, and is adjacent to the Moscow River.

The “Moscow City” project was the main driver in the area for new, high-quality residential, commercial and hospitality projects.

Another factor that led to the OKO project being identified as one of the 10 tallest skyscrapers of 2015 (according to the Huffington Post), was the strong marketing orientation of the client, “Capital Group”.

The project was presented to the city and citizens of Moscow through a gala event in December 2012, with Bentleys used as a shuttle buses for guests, previews of some of the skyscrapers still under construction through the use of special effects and three-dimensional graphics, a live American rock band…and much more.

All the Russian movers and shakers had to be there and from that day the OKO project has enjoyed a huge amount of publicity and favorable PR which has acted as a sales driver.

The client (remember that we are talking about the most important project in all of Russia), needed to satisfy these needs:

Create a unique and exclusive project.
Satisfy the needs of a target group of elite and reserved buyers.
Interior furnishings of outstanding quality and superior craftsmanship.

RiFRA was immediately identified as the partner for the bathrooms, thanks to these factors:

  • Design: our products are designed by RiFRA LAB architects, the company’s design center.
  • Functionality: RiFRA’s history and presence in the Russian market through its own network of sales and service (we first exported furniture to Russia 16 years ago in 1999).
  • A manufacturer and not a trading company: Russians traditionally buy from manufacturers and visit the factories to know who they are dealing with.
  • RiFRA’s experience in furnishing skyscrapers in the US market: the client’s representatives went to New York for face to face references from some of our most important clients.

The bathrooms were then furnished with:

  • Cabinets with a metallic gray finish
  • Shiny white washbasins
  • Mirrors with a satin finish and back lighting..
  • Freestanding bathtubs.

Initially, our involvement in the production of kitchens was not planned, but since several Italian kitchen manufacturers close during the month of August 2012, the client asked us for a favor: in 4 working days, produce a kitchen with freestanding and wall mounted cabinets, and a freestanding center island with a glossy Eucalyptus wood finish, to be shipped within the same month of August.

After a brief meeting with production team we accepted the challenge and, keeping the promise made the customer, delivered the kitchen to Russia in time for the the project inauguration.

From there it was all smooth sailing because the customer viewed us as a company that stands by its word.

The kitchens are from our “LINE” collection with a special glossy Eucalyptus finish.

The design is typically American (as mentioned the project comes from Chicago), with most of them configured with a central island and cooktop. The walls were configured with tower units, base cabinets and wall mounted units.

The last deliveries were made early this year, while the installation is almost complete.

Some of the project’s numbers:

4 years of sales activities
1 year of production
400 kitchens
950 bathrooms
31 trucks shipped from Italy to Russia.

I would like to thank our Russian partners, the staff at RiFRA, and our suppliers who have made this all possible.


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