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Things you need to know before your renovation

The renovation of the house “of life”, is an important choice, and as such it must be designed and thought out, to have a high level of satisfaction that lasts over time.

The kitchen and the bathroom are probably the most important rooms of the house where you’ll invest most of your resources.

In the selection of your new kitchen and your new bathroom furniture, the first step is to review the overall reliability of the manufacturer. In particular verified:

1. How many years has it been on the market: about us

2. references that he/she can demonstrate: some of our references

3. if you have customers willing to testify for him/her: what our customers say about us

4. the most important thing: If you are a manufacturer in the true sense of the word, or as is often the case an assembler, or rather you do not produce the kitchen or bathroom furniture, but you buy and then assemble them.

Rifra, for example, by definition, is a manufacturer, which starts from raw material processing with its own carpentry department, varnishes the furniture internally, checking quality at every step, to get to the assembly and shipping.

The advantages that we guarantee by inspecting the whole value chain are:

  1. Our carpenter’s shop produces only upon order, managing even the “true measure” and custom and special projects. We produce about 4,000 compositions per year, between bathrooms and kitchens, and it is very unlikely that one of these is identical to another in both size and color.
  2. Our department of internal varnishing, is probably one of the most advanced in the furniture industry. Through both  Robotic painting and finishing systems, and human resources which perfect the process and verify for you, whether the level of quality is appropriate to our high standards and can be mounted on your piece of furniture. Otherwise, the piece is remade. We do not release defective products.
  3. of course we as most of other companies do, we pack with care and prepare the product for shipping.

The risk of buying from an assembler, instead of producer is that the quality control is entrusted to others, not controlling the entire value chain.

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