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[VIDEO and PHOTO] Spectacular design villa in Novara, furnished with kitchen and bathrooms RiFRA

A few steps from the center of Novara, Italy, in a residential area, we find this villa with irresistible charm.

Nicoletta, our client, has personally taken care of the furniture, choosing the combination of more traditional elements with modern and contemporary furniture and design objects, thus giving the rooms a unique and unmistakable atmosphere.

She has also revealed to us how RiFRA has contributed to making her dreams come true, adding style and personality to the Villa.

“The project has been studied down to the last detail, and the finish is exceptional even in everyday use. I made my dreams come true”

RiFRA has furnished the kitchen and the three bathrooms of the villa.
Here are the photos of the finished realization. The images were taken by our Media Team.


The kitchen chosen by our client is the ONE model with double island, in black spatulate cement finish.

The choice of the ONE model has been thought for its 45° cuts also on the base, thanks to which the effect is that of a monoblock suspended from the floor.

In one island, the one on the left, the washbasin and the snack bar have been inserted, while in the island on the right, induction hobs with flush top hood have been inserted, and a socket holder has been integrated into the furniture, inserted in elegant brushed steel inserts.

The tall units and the two islands communicate in a perfect way, giving that touch of design always desired by the client.


Master Bathroom

For the master bathroom the clients have chosen the K.KUBE model, in the metal finish.

The K.KUBE model has been designed for its pure forms; it has no visible handle, no grooves or profiles.

A unique and personalized environment, also in this case, thanks to the careful study of the spaces and the choice of the finishes, in perfect collaboration with our internal project managers.

The master bathroom is completed by the sanitary fixtures model BOLD in opaque ceramic, the taps of the WAVE collection and the accessories RiFRA in satin-finished steel.

Secondary Bathroom

The secondary bathroom has been furnished with the K.ONE model in the black spatulate cement finish, creating a stylistic continuity with the kitchen environment; the model and finish have been chosen specifically for their extreme practicality and functionality.

The environment is completed by BOLD sanitary fixtures in matt ceramic, WAVE series taps and RiFRA accessories in satin-finished steel.

Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom has been furnished with two freestanding sinks model SMOOTH in Rose Gold, framed by a large 2HD mirror backlit LED and steel ladder.

TUBE lamps, sanitary fixtures, taps and RiFRA accessories complete the setting.


Nicoletta gave an interview to RiFRA TV, following the main steps:
“It was pure fun, I’ve always been passionate about design, and I met people in your team who helped me and gave me many new ideas.

It all started with the choice of the kitchen, which was an important event as the choice of a wedding dress for a woman.

It was all random, I was scrolling through the pages of the social networks, and I see RiFRA, I fell in love with it, I inquired and in no time we started to design and have fun together.

You immediately understood and understood our tastes and desires.

The black spatulate concrete finish is exceptional, it is a unique material with very easy maintenance.

The space has also been designed by studying in detail our movements between the two islands.

For the bathroom of our baby we decided to propose the kitchen version because it is extremely practical for her that dirty everywhere.

For our bathroom we had fun designing to the nearest centimetre to exploit space and light.

I can only say that I have realized my dreams with RiFRA.

I’ve never seen so much efficiency, customer care, impeccable; a small problem was solved the next day.

The most beautiful area to live in is absolutely the kitchen, but in the morning when I turn on the lights I am enchanted by both the bathrooms and the kitchen.

I wanted to thank one of your designers, Assunta Campanelli (artistic director of RiFRA n.d.r.), who was fabulous and has caught and listened to our needs and our requests.”


You can see the interview on our YouTube channel:


We thank Nicoletta and her family for their availability;
It was a pleasure for us to work and collaborate on the success of their project.

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